New Cover Love & a Look at What’s Next


Working on new covers and new books.  Still much more to tell about all the Mutts, and their stories will overlap through the next few books until they’re all wrapped up.

Allison – Allie – is up next in “Nightingale.” In this book you’ll see a bit more of Phoebe, Sara, and Caleb, as well as learn more about Gabriel and Laurent.

After “Nightingale” will be Gabe’s story, “Midnight Ink“.  That will get things ready to wrap up Phoebe’s story and set up what’s next for her and Sara, as well as revisit Toshio, Alex, Cassandra, Marti and her dad, Caleb’s mom, and Sun Joo the dragon.

This October will bring a stand-alone, adult novella, “Turned“, featuring a vampire hunter tracking down Russia’s most notorious vampire: Grigori Rasputin. Complicating her search are her own deadly illness, another vampire, and a sexy werewolf named Michael.

There are also two more series already being written for 2018:

(YOUNG ADULT)  Grave Decisions: Fourteen year-old Ellie has lived life deep in the backwoods with her reclusive and often abusive, aunt, ever since Ellie’s parents were killed when she was three.  She’s never attended a regular school, watched television, or had any interaction with kids her own age. All that changes just before her fifteenth birthday when her aunt’s boyfriend arrives to take Ellie to a frightening new school.  There, she meets boys for the first time, learns terrible secrets about her parents, and discovers that whether she survives will depend on decisions made from beyond the grave.

(ADULT)  Red Devils and Red Necks: (cover coming soon) As soon as she turned twenty-one, small-town news editor Rachel’s formerly inactive libido was suddenly switched ON:  capital O, capital N. There wasn’t much she could do about it, though. Her boyfriend was too goody-two-shoes to do the deed–not to mention now missing in action–and all the local demons were sniffing at her door. Worse, while she was enjoying a rare night out at the local bar & grill, her little sister was kidnapped by demons.  Now hotter than fire and not gonna take it anymore, Rachel will to go to Hell and back to rescue her sister… And make one handsome devil pay.


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