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Awakening Series – Midnight Ink

Step into the world of The Awakening, where every supernatural creature you ever heard of is not only real, they’re coming out of the closet and into the streets.

If you read the Mutts Like Me series, they will be familiar. If not, that’s all right – be prepared to meet the hot men of Midnight Ink, starting with Gabriel! Laurent, Lucas, and Sunjoo will be along in a bit.

Carolyn’s been on the run from her ex for the past seven years, but danger is catching up to her.

Gabriel’s been alone for more years than he cares to remember; and for the sake of his loved ones, he will remain that way long after many of them are gone.

It’s in Gabe and Caro’s best interests to stay away from each other. But when they meet, sparks turn into an inferno that will consume them both if they aren’t careful – and if they can’t trust one another with their secrets.

You can read the first chapter of Gabriel Lara’s story here: Midnight Ink: Gabriel – Chapter One

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