The Awakening Series

Mutts Like Me is the first of the Awakening Series, albeit with a younger hero and heroine. With Marti’s story, we get a glimpse of a world where every paranormal creature you ever heard or read about is true – and living secretly among us.

Reluctant Gods is next, where you’ll get to meet Phoebe and Sara – two cousins whose lives are about to change forever. Phoebe is as brightly intelligent as she is badly scarred, and Sara as kind as she is flawlessly beautiful. Yet neither of those things will save them from the dangers they’ll face after receiving a strange inheritance on their 21st birthday: An ancient map and a record of their family history going back tens of thousands of years. Grudges and rivalries- old and new – will test their family bonds as ancient feuds and new loves pull them into roles they never wanted to play.

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