NaNoWriMo and More Freebies

Am working on RESET, the 4th book in the Awakening series, which mostly wraps up the younger characters’ stories and paves the way for the adults (i.e., Gabe, Laurent, Alejandro, and Luke) to take center stage. Also have a novella planned to bring back the original gang from MUTTS LIKE ME.  Am looking forward to writing that, but first must finish book 4!  Enter NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month.  I’m using it to keep motivated and moving on Reset.

Current progress:

Meanwhile, I’ve teamed up with other authors for the last time this year to bring you some more free e-books while I work on Reset (and Midnight Ink).  You can check them out here, as well as enter to win a $30 gift card (my historical novella set in the world of The Awakened is free in there, too, until November 10th):

Good luck to all of us! 🙂


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