Big News!


The entire Awakening series has been temporarily removed from sale while it is undergoing major revisions with new scenes, additional editing, and a more cohesive storyline to tie the series together.


Originally, “Mutts Like Me” was meant to be a stand alone story. However, I realized that I had other manuscripts and characters that, with some tweaking, could fit into that world. Unfortunately, it was all a bit rushed to the finish, which resulted in less than stellar editing, and the transitions from book 1 through book 3 could have been smoother. (Not to mention I had a different editor on book 3 than on the first 2).

So, I made a decision to step back and revise to get everything ready for the final books, coming – I hope – over the next few months. It has taken a little longer to get there, but I believe it will be worth it.

What if you’ve already read the books?

If you have, there will be announcements made here and via email to my newsletter subscribers when the new books are ready. In fact, “Mutts Like Me” is complete (except for new cover & branding) and “Reluctant Gods” is well underway. Once the first three in the series are completely revised, they will be made available to the public again.

If you purchased your copy through Amazon, you can get updates for free.

To get an automatic update through Amazon:
  1. Go to (or go to your own country’s Amazon domain)
  2. Go to Manage Your Content and Devices.
  3. Go to Preferences tab
  4. Scroll down to “Automatic Book Update”, turn it on.

If you read the books through Kindle Unlimited, feel free to check them out again when they’re ready.  In fact, why not reread the series to get read for Reset Part 2?  🙂

If you didn’t read through Kindle, aren’t yet a newsletter subscriber and want updates, go to: and subscribe. I swear I won’t overload your inbox.  🙂

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