Character Inspiration

Just thought I’d share some of the inspiration for a few of the “Mutts”.

Forrest Kyoshi Hoffman with long hair would like Toshio.

If Dennis Oh and Eiji Wentz had a kid, he’d look like Alex. 🙂

Kim Bum in his role in Padam Padam is almost exactly how I pictured Sun Joo  (except for the color of his eyes)

Picture a young Carmen Ejogo with longer hair and that would be Cassandra.

The photo of the guy for Caleb is one I’d seen and bought on Canstock a couple of years ago and knew then he was my Caleb.

Finally, Marti – also from Canstock. Would need to be a little darker complected, maybe, and with slightly more attitude.



01-Toshio-Forrest Kiyoshi Hoffman
For Toshio – Forrest Kyoshio Hoffman
02-Toshio-Forrest KiyoshiHoffman
Forrest Kyoshio Hoffman
For Alex – Dennis Oh
For Alex – Eiji Wentz
For Caleb
For Cassandra – a young Carmen Ejogo
Sun Joo-KimBum
For Sun Joo – Kim Bum in Padam Padam

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