Two New Items & That Dratted GDPR

Have the first three books of the Awakening Series now in a boxed set, ready to debut at $0.99 for a little while in advance of a new story coming out in the next couple of months (set for release 8/31, but might go earlier if edits are in before that.)

Also working on the 4th of the series, tentatively titled “Reset” and picks up in Chicago after some of the Mutts have returned, while others were left behind in Arizona. The Chicago group is going to need to heal and work hard to rescue their friends. (Cover coming soon – stay tuned.)

Meanwhile, experiencing a bit of consternation regarding the whole GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) business.  I think it scared off many subscribers when so many authors had to send out those “please give me your consent and here is my privacy policy” notices. If you’re wondering what I meant by it, in a nutshell it was simply to comply with the new regulations that provide transparency about what you are agreeing to when you subscribe to my newsletter (receive news and updates about books) and what I do with your information (only used by me personally to email you the newsletter and nothing more.)

If you didn’t re-subscribe and are wondering why you aren’t receiving updates, it’s because the new law forced me to unsubscribe anyone who didn’t click the “I consent” check box in the email that went out. If you want to keep receiving news, please go to the contact page and sign up again (I’m so sorry – I know it’s a pain!) and click the checkbox under the email field.  Then we’ll be all squared away in case the big dogs come looking for us. 🙂


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